Be Very Very Afraid of the Public Cloud

Bain Capital won’t let us use Google Drive. It’s not “secure”.

This reminds me of a classic post that Dan Brinkmann wrote, which I paraphrase below.

We should all be very, very afraid of storing data in the public cloud. Data on-prem is much much safer:

  • Data on-prem is behind my firewall (which I run old code on), and cloud solutions don’t use firewalls
  • On-prem data is stored on infrastructure monitored by a solution that sends me lots of alerts, most of which I ignore
  • On-prem data isn’t monitored by an IDS, but that’s okay because it’s on the inside “safe” part of my network
    • And my users aren’t malicious (but my public cloud vendors are)
  • My company is in the data security business; it’s what our executives focus on, and in the DNA of everyone we hire
    • And the engineers at Amazon are dumb
  • Nothing is encrypted in the cloud
  • The government can’t access my data as long as it stays in my datacenter

Which reminds me. A CEO at a cloud monitoring company told me he has hundreds of customers, each who spend more than $1M / year on Amazon. And these customers are, on average, growing 6% month over month.

Yep, it’s definitely not secure, and it’s definitely not getting adoption by major companies.

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